February 18, 2010

Commitment to attacking soccer?

Onalfo was all about his commitment to attacking soccer when he started in KC. The offensive production went down each season he was there.

He was all about keeping United's tradition alive at DCU. The team went out and signed a big Australian striker, Danny Allsopp, who was recently described as "absolutely hopeless" and had his biggest success at Notts County. They also signed Adam Cristman. Two serviceable strikers, but two who have never shown any ability at fitting into DCU's possession style of play.

I don't think bringing in Cristian Castillo will work in bringing back the Salvadoran fans if the team is playing long ball, boring soccer.

We'll see what happens, but I'm getting more and more skeptical. The two preseason games ending in 0 goals for DC will do that...

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Chest Rockwell said...

Being committed to attacking play and making your team attack effectively are two different things. Onalfo is attack-minded and takes lots of risks (especially if he's trailing or even tied late on). However, it's undeniable that the Wizards didn't translate that intent into tangible results.

I'm not nervous yet, because our only vital attacking players to see any minutes are Moreno and Allsopp. If Pontius, Castillo, and Quaranta get into future friendlies and we're still getting shut out, I'll start to get concerned.