February 20, 2010

Goose Eggs

President & CEO Kevin Payne said in a press release - “Our first priority was to find someone who shares the club's long-standing philosophy of attacking soccer – and Curt absolutely does."

Curt Onalfo told the Washington Post - "D.C. set the standard in this league and the goal has got to be to return to that level."

More from the Washington Post -
Onalfo's aim is to play "beautiful, attacking, quick soccer," he said. "We want to play with style and send players forward -- that is what D.C. United has always been known for."
3 games with no goals makes me go back and reread this type of stuff. Goalscoring isn't completely attributed to fitness, other teams are putting the ball in the net. We'll see is about all I can say at this point...

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