January 24, 2010

Thoughts from the bar: USA-Honduras

Mind you, these observations come after beers & watching the game without sound. I'm not going to get into the obvious hoopla about the red card, I want to talk about what I saw in the US team.
  • For the rest of the first half, there wasn't much to see. The US looked like pouting children who didn't get their way. Not much heart, just guys playing out the time.
  • Marshall's defense on the 2nd Honduras goal was pathetic. Concentration has to be total when the team's a man down, especially among the defenders.
  • Was Sacha Kljestan actively trying to get dropped from the roster? Horrible...
  • Cunningham & Findley didn't work at all, too similar in their game. Starting Casey with one of them would've been a better move. I think it shows the need for a target forward, and it shows why Ching has remained in Bradley's plans throughout his tenure.
  • The 3rd Honduras goal was sloppy defending all the way around, with no communication among the players on the field. No leadership. Goodson was spinning around like a top and ended up not making a play on anybody.
  • The massive subs finally brought some life into the team. I especially liked Bedoya's play. He didn't look afraid, played smart, and moved well off the ball. I'd like to see more of him.
When you go a man down that early, it's time to step up. It separates the men from the boys. Last night, the US looked like a bunch of little boys. That has to change, even among the B squad.

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