June 9, 2008

Late thoughts on USA-Argentina

Really fun game to watch last night...

High intensity, high tempo, lots of action, what more could you want? Well, a little less action for Tim Howard and a little more in front of the Argentine goal, but...

Other thoughts:
  • Howard was insane. Almost Kasey Keller v. Brazil brilliance.
  • Speaking of Keller, that was a nice touch to honor him before the match. Good move, US Soccer!
  • That was the best I've ever seen Heath Pearce play.
  • Freddy Adu makes a difference in this team, he should be playing more. It's time.
  • What a difference Landon Donovan makes, huh? Even when he doesn't exactly play great, his presence changes the way teams play us. They have to respect his speed and quickness. With DMB back as well, we suddenly look more dangerous.
  • Has anyone figured out what happened with that red card to Mastroeni? Anyone? Poor fella, he usually deserves these sorts of things.

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