June 10, 2008

Well done Oswaldo

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, huh?

Oswaldo Sanchez, Eddie Johnson's favorite ankle spiker, was arrested in Chicago after the Mexico-Peru game Sunday night.

Translated quote ahead...
"[The hotel staff] came twice saying to turn down the music. I wasn't there those times. I was there the third time -- that's what the police got there. I got scared because I saw the police. I tried telling my teammates that we shouldn't get in trouble, and unfortunately they grabbed me. Maybe for being the captain...of the situation."
Now maybe it didn't come across in the translation, but I doubt the cops arrested him because he wore that captain's armband during the game. Does he wear it around all the time? That would be a little awkward, but maybe it gets you a discount at certain restaurants...

The police are saying Sanchez was charged with 2 misdemeanors and fined $1K. He has to return for court on July 11.

It's way past the time for him in national team, maybe this will get him out of there...

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