May 26, 2008

Not quite American soccer, but just a stone's throw over the border

Yesterday was filled with some great action in Mexico, with the 2nd of the First Division semifinals taking place that saw Santos Laguna score two late goals to come from behind and tie Monterrey on aggregate and advance to the final.

But the story that SHOULD garner more attention on this side of the border is one that features both the incredible highs and drowning lows of professional soccer.

It is one of a team, who for the first time ever, will grace the upper echelon of first-division soccer in a soccer-crazed country, albeit with a slightly American taste.

I'm talking about yesterday's promotion of the Indios de Ciudad Juarez to the Mexican Primera Division.

The club won promotion by defeating Leon 3-2 on aggregate, 1-0 in Juarez on Thursday and clawing out a 2-2 draw in Leon on Sunday.

The most interesting part of this story is the close proximity US citizens will be in order to watch Mexican First Division soccer in person.

Juarez is just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. In fact, their stadium, the Benito Juarez Stadium, is literally RIGHT ON THE BORDER.

Although it remains to be seen if a horde of people will cross the border for Indios games (but when America and Chivas come to town, I can GUARANTEE this will happen), Indios do have a history of promoting cross-border relationships.

Case in point: Indios USA, a team that competed in the NPSL last year and also advanced to the US Open Cup where they fell 3-2 to the Minnesota Thunder.

According to their Wikipedia page, the team is reorganizing their finances in order to make a full return to all competitions in 2009.

What remains to be seen is if the Mexican team will spend money to bring in some big names to try and maintain their spot in the top division.

If this is the case, Indios USA could go on an extended hiatus.

Whatever the case is, it's a win-win situation for soccer fans on both sides of the border. I know that I'd like to try my hardest to go see a game next season.

Who knows? Maybe the Cupcake Nation could see Indios-Jaguares????????????

Edit: Check out the highlights from yesterday's dramatic finale

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In other across the border action, Montreal plays Toronto FC tonight at 7:30 PM.