May 25, 2008

Atlanta FC needs a win and a result

Down in Jacksonville, it's do or die today for Atlanta FC in their chase for the US Open Cup.

Yesterday's 3-1 win over LA Mudbugs leaves them with a shot at the desired cup berth, but they'll need some help getting there.

Two goals from Miguel Pinzon and one from Luis Sandoval to put the game away gave the Naranja the desired 3 points yesterday.

In Saturday's other match, Dallas Roma and Clearwater Galactics tied 0-0 in the morning match, despite Roma holding a man advantage for the entire second half.

The tied leaves both Roma and Galactics on 4 points and Atlanta FC on 3.

In order for Atlanta FC to advance to the USASA Region III Final on Monday and secure a US Open Cup berth, two things will have to happen:

They'll need either a tie or loss by the Galactics in their match against Mudbugs and take care of their own business and beat Roma.

Both matches take place at 4:00 p.m. today, and we'll post results as soon as we get them...

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Jefa said...

I see you got no help from Mudbugs. What do you expect, with a name like Mudbugs? Too bad. Maybe next year.