February 8, 2008

Is this what it felt like when Steve Perry left Jouney?

If so, I hope Gallardo is better than the cover band frontman that replaced Perry. I have a feeling playing at PSG and River is better preparation than playing Joe's Crab Shack on a Tuesday night.

It's now official, Christian Gomez is a Rapid. DC gets Colorado's 2009 1st round draft pick and "future considerations". Our man Goff says that the "future considerations" include the use of Colorado's DP slot for the next 3 years. He brings up that this gives DC the option of selling Emilio should a big money offer come up this summer, I think this also gives them the option of resigning Emilio to a DP level contract after this season should his performance stay at the same level as '07.

It will be weird to see Gomez in another uniform this season, that's for sure. I'll always remember Christian in the stands with the Barra at Giants Stadium during a game where he was suspended. Well, that and the ridiculous goal he scored against Chivas USA at the HDC in '06 after the US-Italy World Cup game, I'll remember that one too. Gomez was a big time player for United, and he'll be missed.

Let the Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Shevchenko, and/or Figo to DC United speculation begin!


ja said...

The one player that I wanted to see in the US was Zidane. He is in his mid 30's now and could still play one or two years here. I always thought he was in the top ten all time players.

Longshoe said...

I'd much rather see Zizou than Figo. Figo's made it pretty clear that if he comes here, he won't be taking it as seriously as European play.

Lalas would wet himself if he had the opportunity to sign Zidane.