January 19, 2008

USA-Sweden thoughts, 2nd half

Two things during halftime. First, don't talk about the new generation of the US Women's National Team and then show Kristine Lilly and Brianna Scurry. That doesn't work, Mr. Announcer Man. On top of that, you don't show Hope Solo at all? Things that make you go hmmm....

Second, was that Wild Fling popcorn bowl thing for real? I thought it was a SNL fake commercial.

Hot chocolate and space heaters RULE!

Altidore is in! Okay, I should stop yelling... Parkhurst and Goodson are the other two subs. Conrad, Robinson, and Twellman are out.

46- Moor gets a yellow for a stupid foul, a bad, hesitant slide tackle.

47- Noonan with a nice pass in the box to Altidore. Jozy is brought down for a PENALTY!

48- Landon SCORES! He's now the all-time leading scorer in US national team history. Wynalda broke his TV at home. USA 2-0

51- Brad Davis gets JACKED UP. The Swedes are starting to get pissed.

52- Did Max Bretos just say Sweden could be a favorite to win Euro 2008? I think the sound on my TV is broken, because I could've sworn he just said that.

60- Sweden better watch it, there's lots of little cheap crap going on now. Corrales got punted over the endline, and now Guzan takes a little cheap kick from one of the forwards. Where's Gooch when you need him?

63- Rolfe in for Noonan.

64- Sweden isn't using their midfield much and the US isn't using its forwards.

66- Very nice exchange between Moor and Donovan leads to a corner. Landon almost found Rolfe cutting in at the near post.

67- Davis takes the corner from the right, it's dangerous but cleared. Nice interplay with Davis and Donovan leads to another corner. Another dangerous one is almost banked off of Rolfe, but it's grabbed by the keeper.

70- Why is Parkhurst TURNING HIS HEAD AWAY on a corner kick? They get bailed out, Donovan starts the counter, and Altidore picks up a dangerous foul on the left side.

72- Sacha in for Brad Davis. Looks like Donovan switched over to the left side.

78- Guzan with a nice save on a header. This game has turned scrappy and workmanlike.

79- Rolfe blows up a promising counter with a horrible first touch. Corrales should've slapped him for wasting his run.

80- Jozy barely offside, Donovan second goal is whistled back.

81- Altidore tries to break away from 2 defenders, is shoved in the back, and brought down to earn a dangerous free kick.

Jeremiah White in for Landon Donovan. Love him or hate him, you have to congratulate him for his record, and his strong performance tonight.

83- Sullivan keeps singing the praises of Rolfe, I don't think he's looked good tonight at all.

88- Safari for Sweden is being a Class A jerk, he gets called for a foul on White. He just goes up another class with a cheap hack job on Altidore who is just holding the ball in the corner.

90- Altidore is putting on a great performance at holding the ball in the corner.

That's it. Very solid performance, not much more than that.

Full Time Good/Bad/Meh
Good- Davis, Donovan, Guzan, Corrales
Meh- Clark, Edu, Noonan, Kljestan, Altidore, Goodson, Robinson, Conrad, Parkhurst, White, Twellman
Bad- Moor, Rolfe

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