January 19, 2008

USA-Sweden thoughts, 1st half

Haven't really thought much about this one in the run-up, let's see what happens...

Good to see Eddie Robinson get a start, I agree with all the "most underrated in MLS" talk.

I want to see how this shape works out, with Donovan and Noonan interchangeable on the right side and Edu and Clark holding down the middle. Brad Davis will act like a true winger on the left side.

3- Robinson is welcomed to international soccer with an elbow, Hello!

The field looks really crowded, especially on the right side.

8- Good build-up play leads to a shot from Ricardo Clark, Sweden's keeper looked lost on that one and batted it away.

10- Noonan makes an appearance and Corrales sends in an awful cross.

12- Davis is looking really nice on the free kicks, he serves up a nice ball.

14- Good interplay with Donovan and Noonan leads to a corner. Another excellent ball from Davis, more bad hands from the Swedish keeper, GOAL EDDIE ROBINSON! Nice finish from Eddie, he roofed it! 1-0 USA

17- Bad giveaway by Drew Moor, he hasn't looked comfortable all night.

20- Twellman is throwing the slide tackles around like a 9 year old who just learned how to do it. Relax Taylor.

Nice job by Conrad to push forward and support the midfield. If Sweden is going to stay so compact, it's nice to see Conrad start taking the available space.

23- Great ball by Corrales who almost finds Donovan, Sweden's keeper heads away at the top of the box. Good point by Sullivan on commentary, where was Noonan in support?

27- Moor with another bad giveaway, but he redeems himself by earning a foul and yellow card for the Swedish forward.

30- Guzan saves a tricky free kick. Sweden is called for a foul on the corner. This ref has had enough of the Swedish shenanigans.

32- Twellman almost got DDT'd in the area, no foul. Next time, Taylor needs to go with the spear.

33- Robinson gets his payback with a forearm shiver to the back of the neck. Guzan with a big save on the resulting free kick.

34- Guzan with another big save in a 1v1 situation. At least, that's what I heard. FSC was in a replay. We finally see the replay, and it's a mix-up between Conrad and Moor that leads to the situation. Well done by El Guzano.

36- Edu with a hideous pass back that almost sends in a Swedish forward, Conrad bails him out. The US is really scrambling right now and don't look good at all.

39- Okay, they've settled down a bit and have had a couple of nice counterattacks. Donovan's pass for Davis is barely cut off. The effective counters will keep Sweden honest.

40- Bad cross from Moor after a nice ball from Donovan.

44- The US has looked shaky on set pieces defensively. Conrad and Guzan need to step up and take charge in those situations.

The Halftime Good/Bad/Meh
Good- Davis, Donovan, Guzan, Corrales
Bad- Noonan, Moor
Meh- Edu, Clark, Twellman, Conrad, Robinson

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