January 20, 2008

Hello, I'm Landon Donovan, and I have something to say...

Eat it, Waldo!

I already said all this once before, but I think it bears repeating after last night's exploits.

I am the best player in the history of American soccer. Don't believe me? Most goals scored in national team history, check. Most assists in national team history, check. I've won the Honda Player of the Year Award a record four times. I've won 3 MLS Cups, a US Open Cup, and 3 Gold Cups.


Hate all you want. Hate me because I didn't stay on the bench at Leverkusen. Hate me because I play for the Galaxy. Hate me because I have a hot wife. I don't care, you can hate all you want, but you know you wish you had my skills, my speed, and my life. You know you wish I was on your team. Don't worry, I won't tell...

A wise man once said, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." Well, you're looking at The Man. Bring it.


ja said...

He is going to have a long run and set records that will be hard to break with the US side. I read on the Minnesota forum that Hayes really shut him down when the Galaxy played Minn in the exhibition match. Those Minn guys really like Hayes.

Longshoe said...

Barring injury, Landon should have 2 more World Cup cycles in him. Love him or hate him, at this point, he's the best the US has ever had.

Hayes is quality. It's a shame that he wasn't converted to a defender before he left MLS. I think he could've found a nice spot somewhere as a left back in the league. However, it's harder to make that jump now at his age.