January 23, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

Props to The Offside Rules for the picture.

EJ is off to Fulham USA to join his partner in bling. The Dynamic Duo is united at club level for the first time. Can they combine their forces to keep Fulham up? Should be interesting to watch...


ja said...

What do you think of the Newcastle hiring? Do you think they panicked, and are the expectations too high for that club? Eight coaching changes this year for EPL seems a bit high.

Longshoe said...

I don't think the expectations are too high, Newcastle is higher in the income rankings than the league rankings, which never looks too good.

I do think they reacted pretty quickly. Half a season doesn't really give you too much time to do anything, does it?

More than anything, I think it was the wrong choice of manager. Sam's style just wasn't going to go over so well with the Newcastle supporters. When you don't get results, and you bore the fans, that's a lethal combination for a manager.

The EPL is high stakes stuff. There's lots of money riding on things, so the trigger finger gets pretty itchy.