January 31, 2008

Beckham, 100 caps, will it happen?

People seem to think that since Capello has left the MLS Golden Boy out of his first England squad that he won't ever get called back. I disagree.

Capello has chosen to try to make his own statement in his first game in charge of England. If he chose Becks, he'd be giving away the spotlight. All the talk would be about Beckham first, and rightly so since 100 caps is a very meaningful accomplishment with the English national team (Cobi Jones and his 160+ scoff at Becks' disappointment). Capello wants to make a statement that this is HIS team, can't blame him for that.

Also, the last time Beckham played 90 minutes in a competitive game was August 23rd. That's OVER 5 MONTHS AGO. Hollywood United and a USL all-star team in Minnesota's uniforms aren't really the same level. There's no point in putting a guy out there for his 100th cap when he isn't match fit. I don't think Becks wants to get that cap and stink up the joint.

Get him back playing in MLS consistently first. If his form is strong, Capello will consider him. I'm sure he'll try to find a friendly this summer that will serve the occasion well.

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