October 17, 2007

Things that make you look bad...

It's bad when you trade one of your young, promising forwards and he goes on to score five goals for his new team. It's worse when he earns his first cap for the national team in a big win in Europe.

It's bad when you leave one of your young, promising midfielders on the bench all year and he goes on to star at the U20 World Cup. It's worse when he then leaves for a La Liga team and assists on the game winning goal during his first cap in a big win in Europe.

I wonder how the Gals and Crew feel about the decisions they made on Robbie Findley and Danny Szetela today.

I leave Freddy Adu out of this because it was already well understood that he was leaving for Europe as soon as he was able. He was also impressive in his limited time today.

It wasn't the prettiest of games today in Basel, but those are the types of games that the US has to learn how to win consistently. Hopefully, this is part of the learning process.

The youngsters, Maurice Edu especially, were big today. Clint Dempsey has grown a lot in his time at Fulham, his poise on the ball is something we've been lacking on the field. El Guzano looked worthy of the Arsenal talk, with the exception of the possible handball outside the box.

Nice win today, and now I really can't wait for qualifying to start...

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