October 16, 2007

El Güero's head just exploded

Allen Hopkins is reporting online at Soccernet that Arsenal has been scouting El Guzano in recent weeks. Brad Guzan from Chivas USA to Arsenal? It's interesting...

Is he ready? I think so, although it will take him a bit of time to adjust. Does Arsenal need him? The sooner they replace Mad Jens, the better. I guess they don't think Alumnia is the heir apparent.

Let's hope the Goats can get a nice transfer fee out of him if it comes to that.


El Güero said...

You forgot the best part:

They're thinking of doing the Palencia/Bornstein move of good blood from one knee into the other on Razov.

I think the Goats have the patent on that procedure.

On a side note: Can we PLEASE score more goals?

Longshoe said...

I wasn't even going to get into the "blood swapping" move. Chivas pulls this out once a year, and I've never heard of other teams doing this. Que?

I think it's going to be time for the Le Croissant/El Cubano frontline for the Goats. A French/Cuban Torta de Barbacoa de Chivo, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the quality German humor coming from Lehman when a goat takes his position from him again.