October 18, 2007

Los Angeles v. New York, It's ON

Luckily, high school football has good timing, and the young'uns are celebrating just in time to get off the air.

¿Dónde Está Fernando? It's the original Tommy Smyth hanging out with us tonight, along with Waldo, Stoner, and Hopkins.

Cobi looks like a caveman on the special edition t-shirts everybody's wearing.

Becks and Xavier start on the bench tonight, as Yallop rolls with the guys who got him to this point.

Kyle Martino just put a ball into the Pacific Ocean, poor fella. Cannon stuffed Angel in the box to keep us scoreless. How in the blue hell is Juan Pablo Angel running free down the middle of the field?

Angel almost scores off a Stammler cross, he's looking extra caliente tonight.

Dane Richards smoked Rudolph on the wing, I'm looking forward to that match-up tonight.

I guess Claudio Reyna had to babysit for Bruce tonight and couldn't make the trip.

Kyle Martino as a left winger is a scary prospect. For the Gals... Why not slide Tudela out there and keep Martino's playmaking ability in the middle?

Chris Klein just saved the Gals big time. Angel was running rampant down the middle again, and slipped a nice pass through to Wolyniec. Luckily, Klein was tracking back and made the saving tackle.

GOAL GALAXY, Troy Roberts. He was up for a corner, Martino held the possession for LA, played it back out to Donovan who sent in a brilliant cross to the back post for Roberts to head in.

GOAL RED BULLS, Jozy Altidore. Jozy was wide open in the middle for a Van den Burgh cross at the top of the 6 yard box. That was WAY too easy. Two goals in the first sixteen minutes.

No long sleeve jersey for Pavon? He's stuck wearing the undershirt while Becks laughs at him.

Jonny Pants is kind of dangerous with the ball at his feet, NY might want to stop playing the ball back to him.

Carlos Pavon might need the offside rule explained to him.


Angel volleys right to Cannon, Joe might need to change his shorts after that ball fell to Angel inside the box like that.

Juan Pablo Angel, Los Hombres Más Sexy: Ay yi yi.... bonus points to Waldo for the change of subject.

Don Garber just name checked Seattle, St. Louis, and Philadelphia in expansion talk. Cue ridiculous posts on BigSoccer...

Waldo says they used to call Cobi "Weeble-Wobble" in high school. Nice...

OMG, the Waldo high school picture is unbelievably bad! Wow, that was awful.

John Harkes and Richie Williams are training for the El Diablo testimonial match and not with the team tonight. I wish I was going to be in DC this weekend, that testimonial match with the '97 DCU team against Hollywood United should be fun to see.

Those 1996 Galaxy uniforms were hideous.

Angel puts it over the bar, somehow. When Wolyniec serves you, you have to finish. That doesn't happen very often...

I have a feeling Donovan is going to get behind this NY defense at some point. They've been really close a few times now.

Damn, Waldo just said Carlos Hermosillo looked like Frankenstein. Ouch. That's easy to say when you looked like Johnny from the Karate Kid in high school, huh buddy?

Okay, ready for the second half now. NY subbed out Van den Burgh for Leitch, a slightly defensive move.

Good defense by Altidore on a Klein overlap, but he gives up a corner. Nothing comes of the short corner.

Angel and Richards combine for a great attack, but Roberts with a saving tackle. Both teams are looking suspect in the back.

OMG, Becks is warming up!!!!!!

Seriously, I'd like to see Beckham in for Tudela. Let Vagenas do the dirty work behind him and let Becks find Pavon and Donovan running free.

I'm impressed, Waldo hasn't complained about floated crosses yet. Way to get some new note cards, Eric!

Yallop is bringing in Glinton first, likely for Pavon. Nope, it's Martino heading to the bench.

Tommy Smyth verbally backhands Waldo. I agree, I think Becks can handle the situation here.
Donovan is almost off to the races, but Joe Vide fouls him first. Pavon is offside again, so nothing comes of it.

Angel puts a free kick into the side of the net, Yallop has a heart attack on the sideline.

Donovan isn't seeing the ball enough out wide on the left. They need to get an adjustment and get Landon back in the center of the park.

Buddle is coming on next for LA, maybe this one is for Pavon? He just blew another chance that Donovan giftwrapped for him. Carlos takes a seat, and the Riot Squad likely cheers.

Cannon gets away with a possible trip in the box on Richards. He barely got him, and the ball was already gone. I actually like the no call.

Jonny Pants makes a HUGE save on Vagenas. Great cross from Klein to pick him out.

OMG, Becks is coming in the game!!!! His warm-up top is off and the jersey is on. Is it goodnight for Tudela?

Nope, it's Vagenas coming off. I don't know if I like that, it leaves them really exposed in the middle defensively.

Tudela gets smoked by Altidore, corner for NY. Cleared away pretty easily.

They keep marvelling at how hard Beckham is playing. The guy takes this seriously, he's not here for a vacation, we get it already.

Leitch gives away a corner, for no good reason. Becks is on it. He played it short to Tudela at the top of box, Pants makes a nice save on it.

All the momentum is swinging for the Gals at this point. Becks has hit a couple of bad corners in a row. Donovan is freaking out, I'm sure.

Altidore barely puts it over the top on a counter. You can't let up with Angel and Altidore up top.

Roberts made a huge tackle on Angel in a 1v1. NY is starting to look dangerous on the counter.

Beckham gets pissed they don't play advantage, then almost sends Buddle in. Corner kick cleared away easily.

Lots of work, but not a lot of chances as we're in the last couple of minutes.

Altidore almost ended the Gals' season in the 91st, barely wide.

LA needs help from Dallas on Saturday now, the Hoops have to beat the Wiz and then LA has to beat Chicago on Sunday. It's possible...

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