October 19, 2007

Sprinkles: Savo the savior?

Toronto: The team kind of stunk on the field, but the fans are still rabid. TFC is looking at having over 16K season ticket holders for 2008, even with a price increase.

The Reds have also brought in Savo Milosevic of Serbia in for a trial. He played for his country in the 2006 World Cup and has previously featured for Aston Villa, Celta Vigo, and Parma. However, he's also 34 years old.

Portland: The MLS bigwigs paid a second visit to PGE Park and Portland this week, checking the facility out in action for the US v. Mexico women's game. I'm still of the opinion that Seattle coming into the league will help Portland's chances. With four spots available to get to 18 teams, you'd have to put money on Seattle, St. Louis, Philly, and Portland at this point. After that, you have the Canadian cities, a 2nd NY team, and others arguing with FIFA to increase the 1st Division size. Can you say MLS-2?

Colorado: Does Clavijo keep his job if the Rapids fail to make the playoffs? I'd have to guess no, but I didn't think he'd keep it this long. They have a tough one against their rivals this weekend.

Salt Lake: Must read article about Eddie Pope preparing for his life after playing...

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