September 29, 2007

Solo is Hope

Well, US Soccer made another "wrong decision" and has dropped Hope Solo from the team for the 3rd place game. She didn't practice and she won't be a part of team at the game tomorrow morning. So Ryan goes from saying he doesn't know who he'll start in goal, to dropping the best one for the job. Brilliant!

It's funny that Scurry wasn't punished for her comments about Siri Mullinix, which came well after the fact and had obviously been well thought out. She was welcomed back with open arms. However, Solo says something in the heat of the moment, after she had publicly embarrassed and told that "her confidence" didn't matter by the coach, and she gets kicked off the team.

I also come back to Lori Chalupny's comments about the situation...
"That stuff in the media, I don't think it really filters into the team," Chalupny said. "We've known Hope for years and years and I just think she got caught up in the heat of the moment. It's nothing that impacts our team. She's a competitive person and wants to play."
I guess Chalupny isn't part of the inner circle...

I can't wait to hear what Hope has to say when she gets back to the US. From the looks of it, US Soccer is going to stick by Ryan after he turned this World Cup into a nightmare. Don't be surprised if we get a similar result in next year's Olympics. Ryan is an absolute joke and has shown that he can't handle the highest levels of the game. Check this comment out...
"My mistake was not leaving them more in a dual starting role from an earlier period of time,'' Ryan said Saturday. ``I think we needed two kinds of goal keepers in this World Cup.''
You realized this after 50 games?

Again, Andrea Canales is dead on at Sideline Views. "The establishment has closed ranks" again, for sure. Julie Foudy should be ashamed of her role in becoming a part of this controversy. This is a national soccer team, not a sorority intramural team.

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