September 29, 2007

Day 2 of the Hope Solo/USWNT soap opera

I kept mulling over commenting on today's developments (Hope's apology to Scurry/clarification of her comments, the response of some of the legends of the USWNT, Foudy's comment about how she wouldn't want to play with Hope, Ryan's comments). However, every time I figured out what I wanted to say, our friend Andrea at Sideline Views said it first, and better than I could put it.

A couple of thoughts:
  • Full credit to Hope for posting that blog on her MySpace. I don't think she had to do it, because anyone with any sense understood what she was saying, but it was a nice touch for the haters.
  • Foudy lost a respect from me with her last line in that ESPN piece. It was very petty, especially when she was making the same criticisms during the game. I figured Julie was smart enough to know what Hope was saying.
  • I'm so glad Andrea mentioned the Scurry/Siri Mullinix comments from the 2000 Olympics. If Scurry was upset with what Hope said, then she's a hypocrite. It's that simple.
  • I guess Foudy didn't have an issue with Scurry's previous comments, because she continued to play with her.
  • This could be the most interesting 3rd place game in the history of sports, huh?

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