September 22, 2007

MLS Saturday Night: Musings

  • Sorry Crew fans, but I didn't get to see your stirring victory this afternoon in Toronto. That's probably for the best, because I wouldn't have believed it if I had seen Jacob Thomas score the winning goal.
  • Hooray for Toronto, they finally remembered how to score a goal. I was starting to think the refs should check for saran wrap over the goals.
  • Entertaining match in NY tonight, and a nice crowd to boot. 16K+ at Giants Stadium isn't too shabby, was there some sort of ticket special?
  • How in the blue hell do you leave Taylor Twellman unmarked on a set piece? Was it a birthday gift for Waldo, getting to see his boy Taylor score a goal? I don't get it.
  • Francis Doe was a handful tonight, scoring one and assisting another. How many forwards does New York have now? Should they play 4-2-4? Oh wait, they still have Reyna. He needs people behind him to pass to, so more forwards is a bad thing.
  • Clinical finish by Angel to secure the point for the Red Bulls. I think Matt Reis might have wet his pants when he saw that play develop.
  • Lovely weather in Salt Lake tonight, but they still have a decent crowd. Those poor fans really deserve to see a better team, they've been great from day 1.
  • Is Garth Lagerwey going to get the job done for RSL? When I read that he was going to be named GM, I was torn on going with a Wayne's World reference or pulling Garth's own ridiculous "sweet creamery butter" line. I was beaten to both.
  • Holy crap, RSL still has playoff hopes?!? Max Bretos might be insane, I'm not sure.
  • I wonder if other 80's English rockers have picked MLS teams to support. Who will Robert Smith pull for? Siouxie Sioux? Adam Ant?
  • The Moz' favorite team, Chivas USA, is in action against the blandest team in the league. I just can't get excited about anything involving the KC Wizards.
  • I must say, I kind of like the baby blue Colorado uniforms. I'm glad we're starting to get some diversity in the color schemes of MLS teams. Still lots of red, but we're getting Colorado's scarlet and blue and Houston's orange. One of the expansion teams is going to have to take green (are you listening Seattle or Portland).
  • Abbey Okulaja makes some of the bizarre calls I've ever seen from a referee at this level. He absolutely baffles people. It's even more baffling listening to Christopher Sullivan try to explain his decisions.
  • What has happened to Nico in Colorado? He can't even get off the bench in a crucial game here, did he kick Clavijo's dog or kid?
  • If you missed it on Thursday, Carlos Ruiz made a big step to taking a place on the All-Hair team for 2007. He's got a little faux-hawk going now, and has dyed a blond strip off-center on the top and two strips on the side. I don't even want to try to figure out what he was thinking when he decided this was a good idea. I hope, for his sake, it involved tequila.
  • I think the Chivas mascot gives small kids nightmares. The Chivas Girls, on the other hand...
  • Is Freddy Adu the new Jovan Kirovski, or was that Clint Mathis?
  • Different type of football, but How 'Bout Them Dawgs? Overtime wins are fun. To keep it related, it was nice to see UGA in action on FSC Thursday night with a win over Georgia State. Sorry ECB and Guero...
  • RSL is about to take the lead in the Mountain West Conference with their win over Colorado.
  • I really want a John Cena run-in on the FSC postgame show. Todd Grisham would be incredibly confused.
  • "You can never count out Sigi Schmid," according to Christopher Sullivan. It's interesting, that's the same thing Kobayashi said. And the owner of the Golden Corral down the street...
  • Clavijo is rambling about Mastroeni's leadership after a question about the Rapids' injury problems at forward. Que, Fernando, que? He obviously didn't want to talk about how he benched Nico because Hernandez took the last Nutter Butter in the locker room.
  • I hate you Taylor Twellman and your "Taylor Made" Kick-Medic. It makes me long for the Footability commercials starring unnamed "former MLS players". Speaking of random commercials, what happened to "nationally ranked" Conner?
  • Jaguares wins! Atlas was so mad that they lost to Chiapas that we had a little brawl at the end. Good times.
Between that insanity, and the complete boredom that is the Chivas-KC game, I'm out. Buenas noches.


El G├╝ero said...

B-$$$$ can't handle JP-Dub not getting the win.

And I'm more upset about the shocking Roswell High School loss last night:

Kinney said...

From there website design it looks like the St. Louis pseudo-franchise wants to wear green if it gets into the league. I completely agree that MLS is doing better getting a diversity of color. The Rapids look a lot better in their new colors than their old ones. I have always liked randomly colored teams like Houston's orange, but I think we can all agree that black and red are the best team colors.

Longshoe said...

Definitely, red & black rule all. UGA, DC United, Atlanta Falcons (oops, wait a minute)...

There's just way too much red in the league right now. At least the Goats wear stripes and Dallas wears hoops or it would be absolutely ridiculous.

I actually liked the old school Rapids kits, going way back to the green. I still have one of the old Puma original jerseys from '96 that I picked up for $10.