August 22, 2007

Welcome to the Monkey House

Hey, the Dandy Warhols had a few good songs... Post your comments about the game here, I'll be back at halftime with mine.

Early comments:

Hayes and Buete are not in Seattle, they're suspended on yellow card accumulation. Hassim is out with a knee injury, he should be back in less than 2 weeks.

First half thoughts:
  • Lineup: McIntosh, Liendo, Bobo, Lancaster, Walters, Rios, McManus, Rivillo, Kandji, Antoniuk, Mill-ood.
  • I like the new forward Mill-ood, he looks a lot like Millwood, but I'm not sure.
  • Both teams have had a couple of chances, but nothing really substantial. Seattle's had better possession, but Atlanta has looked dangerous on the counter coming down the right side. They need to play through Kandji more, he's easily been the most dangerous player on the field.
  • The Silverbacks backline has been kind of shaky. Lancaster has been fouling people consistently 30-40 yards from the goal. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten in more trouble with the referee yet.
Let's see where the second half takes us. I'm off to the jukebox for some Dandy Warhols.

Second half thoughts:
  • Well, it all went straight into the crapper, eh? Seattle's a damn good team, and that place is tough to play if you're not used to it. It's as close to Astroturf as you can get.
  • Kandji was neutered for the most part. He had a few nice 1v1 situations, but they didn't amount to anything but one decent shot. When you have a guy like Josh Gardner, who can put consistent pressure down that side, it's going to force Kandji into playing deeper than he'd like. He's just not a strong defender yet.
  • Not enough consistent possession for Atlanta in this one, it was hard to see them getting back into it once Seattle got onto the board.
  • Missing Hayes and Buete hurt, as they would've helped stabilize the team and give more options off the bench. That said, I did like seeing Dayton O'Brien come in first. It's a shame it didn't amount to anything.
  • A game like this shows what Atlanta needs to do to climb into the treehouse that tops the USL First Division. I think they're getting a lot closer, but they haven't finished climbing that ladder just yet.
That's all from the Brewhouse, buenas noches.


Anonymous said...

Who were the starters??? The one day usllive is up and running and we lost our internet connection!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I must accept - 5 months into the season - that usllive (or usldead) is better than nothing... and we do forgive the Miami FC game issue... Can't wait for the final score!

Anonymous said...

Moore and Jarun were also out with injuries for this match.

Anonymous said...

the wbna game was better than this turdfest.

this looks like a third division ecuadorian league.