August 22, 2007

Bakery's open (aka DC-NY thoughts)

I sit down, get a beer, and DC goes up 2-0 within ten minutes over the Red Bulls. Life is good. Sorry New York fans. Ben Olsen (who only scores against NY it seems) and Christian Gomez put DCU up.

After some meh play from both teams, New York gets an accumulation of fouls near the box that results in a PK. Juan Pablo Angel does not miss a shot inside the box, so we're at 2-1. What's up with NY and high scoring games? Bruce Arena's going to cry like a baby at halftime.

Two observations: DC really needs to speed up their counterattacks, for variety's sake at least. Their possession is so good, but sometimes they rely on it too much. Second, Angel is so freaking good. He does all the little things right. With decent service, he should easily be the league leader in goals.

One more, Troy Perkins needs to stop kicking the ball on the ground through the middle of the field. That's twice this half, and that's two times too many.

I would absolutely love it if someone in a DC uniform could get a shot on goal from outside the box. It would blow my mind.

Hunter Freeman wants to fight Jaime Moreno. Jaime thinks the idea is pretty funny. The ref does too. It's halftime, 2-1 DC.

Early PK for DCU when Emilio gets tripped in the box. Jaime Moreno scores, taking the all-time MLS goal scoring crown in the process. 3-1 DC.

I guess Claudio Reyna didn't finish cleaning Bruce's pool, so he wasn't allowed to come out and play.

I really, really like Marc Burch at left back for DC. He's the new Chris Albright when it comes to converted forwards, except with a left foot.

New York has some great forwards, but their creativity is lacking.

Wow, Brian Carroll's stock sure has dropped. He goes from national team camp to a benchwarmer in just a few months. Will he be going to San Jose in '08?

And with Brian Carroll came boredom, as the last 20 minutes have been hard to focus on. Just waiting on the Silverbacks game at this point.

Check back for the Monkey House in a bit...

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