August 22, 2007

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf is pleased

The Swedes were victorious over a US national team still looking for its identity. It was mainly a group of European based guys today, with a few MLS-ers thrown in for good measure.

I just saw bits and pieces, but it looked like Sweden deserved the win and looked more dangerous throughout. The US was quick on the counter at times, but couldn't do anything in the offensive end.

Thoughts on the match?

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POPS94 said...

Oh the evils of this crazy round world we live on. Two US internationals in just over 24 hours. One at 2:30 in the afternoon and the next morning at 4:30 for the U17's. Looking forward to anyones match observations for either game.

In other EURO friendly news it looks like England lost another one at their new billion pound fortress. They can talk all they want about our domestic league being crap but if they could produce one keeper good enough for our domestic league they would be a lot better off.

"But when Nick Shorey's clearance fell at the feet of Schneider his cross caught out the Tottenham keeper, who could only push the ball into the path of a grateful Kuranyi."