August 21, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-changes (Yanks Abroad edition)

Freddy Adu: Some have speculated on the Adu Curse on coaches. There was Hudson and Ellinger in MLS, Nowak left before the Curse could claim him. Now, Benfica's coach is gone after one Champions League qualifier and one league match. What does that mean for young Freddy?

Benny Feilhaber: Benny went through a similar situation in Germany last year. After being sent back down to the reserves, he has now moved over to England and Derby County. He's in for a struggle this year, based on Derby's early EPL results.

DaMarcus Beasley: His PSV career fizzled out, the Manchester City deal never really came together in the right way, now DMB is in Scotland with Rangers. He'll get European soccer for sure, but how much of a challenge in the Scottish league at this point for a team like Rangers?

Eddie Lewis: After failing in multiple attempts to win his way back up to the Premiership, Eddie has moved over to join Benny at Derby. Again, it will be extremely difficult for these guys to stay up.

Who's made the best change?

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