August 19, 2007

USL First Division Playoff Picture explained

People have been asking how the Silverbacks only need 3 points to clinch a playoff spot, so I'll explain things, while also going through the other teams.

The magic number right now to clinch a playoff spot is 39 points. Why? Because the highest number of points that any of the lowest four teams can reach is 38. Right now, that team is Carolina, who has 26 points with 4 matches remaining. Anything over 38 at this point clinches a spot.

That being said, Seattle (42), Portland and Montreal (41 each) and Rochester (39) have all clinched spots.

The Silverbacks are sitting on 36 with 5 matches remaining. A pretty good spot, if you ask me.

Now, this is assuming Carolina wins out, which they probably won't do. But if they do, here's what the remaining teams need, bearing in mind that only California has been officially eliminated.

Atlanta: 3 points, 5 matches remaining.
Puerto Rico: 6 points, 4 matches remaining.
Vancouver: 8 points, 4 matches remaining.
Charleston: 10 points, 5 matches remaining.

That would complete your 8-team playoffs. Miami, Carolina and Minnesota all need to win out and hope for other teams to lose.


Anonymous said...

The only team that can catch ATL now is Carolina. They would have to win out and ATL would have to lose all of their remaining games.PR beat Miami today 3-2. Vancouver is now on a scary run. They are winless in their last twelve matches. Lilly ball is not working for them.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!!! Thanks for the simple explanation - futbol rookies need all the help we can get ;-)

POPS94 said...

I am assuming the playoffs would start the weekend of the 15th and 16th with the home and aways series's.

Am I assuming correctly?

Longshoe said...

That's my understanding. I would assume that the series will be played between Thursday, Sept. 13 and Sunday, Sept. 16. Isn't that what they did last year?

I guess they might stretch them out over two weeks, but I doubt it.