August 19, 2007

Great night of MLS action

Since I don't want to talk about EPL results (Fergie, what up?), let's reflect on last night's MLS fun. It's nights like that when I really love the Brewhouse. We had our room set up with Crew-DCU and NY-LA. While the DC game was kind of bleh during the first half, goals were flying in from everywhere at Giants Stadium. Two assists in the first ten minutes for Beckham was quite the Broadway debut. He added a third assist later, but the hometown crowd was able to leave happy with a 5-4 win. I bet FSC was pleased...

DC finally starting putting balls on goal in the second half and took home a 2-0 win. I love the way DC plays, but they are too reluctant to take shots in the attacking third sometimes. It results in some great possession, but not enough to show for it. Great goal on a rebound by Fred, then a great individual effort by Emilio on the second. Ezra Hendrickson is still trying to figure out where Emilio came from.

In the nightcap, Cuau and the Fire shutout RSL in Utah 2-0. The new boys, Blanco and Wanchope, were the goal scorers. If those guys gell quickly, the playoff race could get quite interesting. As much as the league would like to see the Galaxy force their way into the race, I'm not so sure.

Okay, rambling's over, enjoy the Houston-Dallas and KC-New England games later today.


Pops94 said...

What do you think the over/under would be in Vegas for the Pachuca vs Galaxy Superliga final if they had odds on soccer? It wouldn't be surprising to see 10 on the board after that one is done.

Can't wait for the Blanco vs Beckham match at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you don't like the long ball league?

Longshoe said...

Not exactly. I watch and enjoy the EPL. I've been hooked over the last couple of years on watching La Liga, especially last year's title race.

Honestly, I enjoy watching MLS as much as anything else. I'm not saying that the quality is as good as the top Euro leagues, but I still enjoy watching it. Maybe it's because of the familiarity, I don't know. I do know that I'd rather watch KC-Chicago than Bolton-Aston Villa any day of the week.

As for SuperLiga, I'm really looking forward to the final. I've loved watching this tournament and hope that it continues to grow in importance. I'd be most happy if it forced an expanded CONCACAF Champions League format though. I'd have to say at this point that my pick for the final is Pachuca 3-2.

Blanco v. Beckham will kick 983 types of ass, with more ass lined up around the block.