August 18, 2007

My favorite torta is barbacoa de chivo

Goats USA with a big win in Toronto today, 2-0 over the Reds of Toronto. My second favorite torta, EL CUBANO, scored the first one after a great pass on the counterattack. Ante Razov closed the game out with a goal in the 88th.

More MLS fun later with DC visiting Ohio, Becks and his minions traveling to the Big Apple, and Cuau and his amigos going to Utah.

Adios muchachos...


DevP said...

TORTAS. They are like the cupcake of savory mexican food.

Also: this blog IS American Soccer. Please do keep it up.

Anonymous said...

not razov - it was kljestan with the 2nd goal. ;)

Gavin said...

Dear Longshoe,

I am trying to get in touch with you about potentially getting a link to my blog onto your site but can't see an obvious contact address.

our site is and if you like it and want to exchange links, please drop me a line at


Longshoe said...

Well, they kind of look alike...

Sorry, I was too busy getting ready for the Becks Fest in NY later in the evening and wasn't paying real close attention to the