August 23, 2007

Not so Clasico

This is the most WNBA action I've ever watched in my life.

I understand that you can't just drop the WNBA triple overtime thriller, but do you have to have it on both ESPN2 and ESPN Classic? Couldn't you throw the MLS game on Classic for now?

ARRRRRGGGGHHHH, would somebody just win this game already?!?

Will the first shot when they go to the HDC be of Beckham? The Magic 8-Ball says "Very Likely".

Game over, bye. No seriously, bye. No time for postgame interviews here, let's go. Bye.

Magic 8-Ball was wrong, the first shot is an overhead view of the HDC. Props to Beckham starting tonight after playing 90 minutes in London yesterday. Landon and Juanito are not in their starting lineups after playing in Sweden.

When they show Landon on the bench, Waldo talks about his "bloodshot eyes". What are you implying Waldo? Does Bianca know about this?

Awesome use of the GoogleMaps to show the distance between Wembley Stadium and the HDC. I'm surprised we didn't get a Lego reenactment of his flight...

Waldo is in rare form tonight, now he's talking about soccer moms wanting to know what Beckham smells like. He might get himself in trouble with ESPN again tonight.

Shavar Thomas is rocking the mohawk tonight.

Notice I haven't said much about the game. Well, not much has been going on to talk about. The teams are still feeling each other out at this point, and we're about 30 minutes in. As I'm typing, Cannon is forced to save a Galindo breakaway...

Chivas has dominated the play. Mendoza is through in the box, but Abel Xavier BREAKS HIM IN HALF. No foul, no penalty, no nothing. Let's see if they can put him back together to help the Goats get a win tonight.

The play has started getting a bit more chippy as the half has went on, and both teams have had their chances. The ref has swallowed his whistle, as he's not calling anything. Before I can finish the sentence, Marsch just kicked Beckham in the stomach and Becks wants to fight. In the brawl, Alex Zotinca pulls a Zidane on Harmse's face. The ref shows a red to Zotinca AND TO HARMSE. WTF?!? Harmse needs to learn not to attack other guys' foreheads with his face, I guess.

Jesse Marsch is a dead man to the soccer moms of Southern California.

Halftime, 0-0 and both teams are down to ten.

I take it back, you could see Kevin Harmse throw a couple of rabbit punches at Zotinca's ribs during the pull-apart. Good call by the ref or whoever saw the punches.

I think Dave O'Brien is a little turned on by Beckham's "grit" at the end of the half. He's starting to worry me.

LA subs Buddle out and moves Xavier into the middle of midfield with Beckham. Marsch really is a dead man. I don't like the move, that's a really inexperienced backline now. I see Razov and Galindo causing serious problems.

When did Waldo become the expert on how to cross the ball? He really hates chipped, floated crosses because he talks about it every week.

And that's why you don't take Xavier out of the middle... Kyle Veris misplays a ball right in front of Cannon that allows EL CUBANO to score. Becks says, "Damn it, now I've gotta play the rest of the game to try to save this team again." He's also learned how bad MLS referees are, as he keeps telling the ref his thoughts.

Landon finally mans up and gets into the game, maybe they can make something happen. The Gals have looked awful in the second half.

Kyle IWannaBeMartinho just lost the ball on an awful move. He's gotta be joking with a move like that.

Amazing counterattack by Chivas to go up by 2-0. Great ball by Mendoza to Galindo for his second of the game. EL CUBANO then rides the pony in the corner in celebration. The Galaxy are in big trouble.

I think Frank Yallop is crying on the bench because he knows he's close to getting fired. Is Klinsmann on Alexi's speed dial? Capello? Steve Sampson?!?

The Gals use their last sub, so Becks is stranded out there playing 180 minutes in two days, with a flight halfway around the world sandwiched in between for good measure. Poor fella, I almost expect him to get a red card for kicking Marsch in the face, just so he can get a day off.

Alan Gordon collides with El Guzano, and Guzano is not to happy about it.

Beckham looks like he's grimacing before taking a corner, but it's a good one. Veris puts it on goal, and it's headed clear by Nagamura on the line.

The soccer moms are surely freaking out about the smoke bomb that's been set off behind the Chivas goal.

Donovan goes after Marsch with a late kick, is he sticking up for Becks? At least he's done something, I don't remember him doing anything on the ball since he came on.

A second brilliant counterattack by the Goats. Kljestan has the chance to put it away, but he passes it off to Mendoza so he can get the glory. Joe Cannon is not a happy camper right now.

The ankle is really bothering Becks now, I don't see anyway he'll start in Colorado on Sunday. Major props to Beckham for playing tonight, he probably shouldn't have. He definitely shouldn't have had to play 90 minutes. The guy has played 180 minutes in the last 33 hours, with a flight around the world shoved in between. I know I've said it already, but just think about that. The guy has major juevos for even being on the field tonight.

I wonder how much stick Yallop will take for this.

Waldo is really hammering these guys right now, and I can't really blame him. The Gals' defense is just awful. Hideous. Disgusting. I don't care what you have in front of them, Troy Roberts and Kyle Veris are not going to get the job done. Joe Cannon is probably on suicide watch right about now.


El G├╝ero said...

I'm trying to remember how many of these games have been joined in progress. I remember the very first Superclasico was, as well as the one last year when they cut in and Razov immediately scored that sick volley.

Anonymous said...

woops...i meant this game was worse than the wbna game. lalas is the guy that needs firing. the galaxy are so horrible it's not even funny.

Longshoe said...

Sorry, something happened with your other comment there anonymous. My bad.

I agree on Lalas, but I think Yallop will go first. Alexi does some things well (like get attention for his team through asinine soundbites), but his player selection kind of sucks.

pilight said...

The WNBA game was on ESPN Clasic because the first half of it got bumped from ESPN2 for a Little League World Series game.

I agree that ESPN should have started the MLS game on ESPN Classic or ESPN News.

Longshoe said...

That's fine, I just wish ESPN had extended MLS the same courtesy.

Were they not able to switch ESPN Classic to something else once the game started there?

Was it really necessary to show the WNBA game on both channels?

Anonymous said...

It would have been "Classic" to have the "Classico" on ESPN "Classic".

Instead of the Classic move maneuve ESPN has once again brought the world "craptastic" soccer coverage.

The coverage on SportCenter of the match was even worse. Is the demographic audience for this network supposed to be middle schoolers? The 2 minute highlight consisted of giggling and make stupid jokes about Beckham flying really far and getting in a fight followed by a 3 second highlight of the first goal and a 1 second pronouncement of the final score. Oh yeah the highlight was proceeded by clips of other athletes that participated in 2 sporting events in a day. By the way ESPN morons he played in a soccer match in England the day before not the same day. If you haven't noticed there are double headers in baseball all the time and teams play consecutive nights in the NBA but I know it was a great opportunity to tell the middle school demographic your going for about where Europe is. Wow England is far, what language do they speak there?