August 15, 2007

Sprinkles: New toppings galore

Colorado: The Rapids signed Tony Sanneh. Who's next, Cle Kooiman? Scratch that, Clavijo will activate himself first...

Houston: The Dynamo announced that Amigo Energy will be their jersey sponsor.

Salt Lake: The DP signings have fallen through for the Stormin' Mormons, but they've made other moves. Three young Argentines are now eligible to play for RSL this week. They have all the bases covered with this group: one defender, one midfielder, and one striker. So, which one will start dating JoJo?

Los Angeles: Becks should be in action tonight in the SuperLiga semifinal against DC. The close game between these teams last week should add a little extra spice to the match. If it's anything like last night's thriller in Houston, make sure you're watching on TeleFutura or the SuperLiga website.

New York: Ives poses an interesting point about Beckham playing tonight, saying it might prevent him from participating at Giants Stadium this weekend. I know the Red Bulls don't want to do anything to piss fans off at this point, but saving a guy because another team has sold a lot of tickets shouldn't enter into Frank Yallop and David Beckham's minds. The Gals have had a crappy season, yet they have a chance to win a trophy and $1 million in the SuperLiga. Go for it...

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