August 15, 2007

When's the next rematch?

I will pay to see Houston and Pachuca play again. After their epic CONCACAF semifinal, I think they topped it tonight in the SuperLiga. Cards galore ended up with three players ejected, two for the Dynamo. Houston never gave up, Brian Mullan especially was killing himself for the whole 120 minutes.

I thought they were due, but then Joseph Ngwenya took one of the worst PK's I've ever seen to give Pachuca the chance to win. You know it's bad when you try to chip the keeper on the PK, but barely get the ball off the ground.

Other thoughts:
  • PK aside, Ngwenya looks so much better Houston than I ever remember him for anyone else.
  • I thought it was lights out when Houston had to pull DDR in the second half, but they somehow found a way to tie the game.
  • Mullan was awesome all night.
  • The red card to Corey Ashe was really cheap. He was dumb to kick out at the Pachuca player, but the ref shouldn't have allowed the Pachuca player to grab Ashe's legs like he was going to stretch him for a cramp.
  • Damian Alvarez should've received a red card at the end for his takedown of Mullan.
  • Awesome crowd of 20K+ in Houston for this one, that's the type of atmosphere that the SuperLiga should create. I hope LA can be somewhat close tomorrow night, but I'm really doubting it. I guess with Becks saying he'll play, that could be a possibility.
  • The game was so good, Marcelo Balboa didn't suck that much on commentary.
More tough luck for the Dynamo against Pachuca, I really thought this was going to be their night. For the team's sake, I hope they can recover from this loss quickly. Just look back to the CONCACAF semi to see how much losses like this can take out of you...

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