August 16, 2007

Don't bet against Becks

Lesson learned for one of the crew tonight. When beers are on the line, and it's Beckham's first chance to put a free kick on goal, do not bet against him. It looked like Troy Perkins wet himself, he was guessing like it was a PK.

Becks struck again in the second half with an awesome ball behind Gros to a streaking Donovan. And I was bitching about Beckham would be better out wide, sorry Mr. Yallop. If he can keep hooking up with Donovan on passes like that, keep him in the middle of the park.

Other than that, LA didn't do all that much. Joe Cannon definitely had his gloves on the right way tonight, making a handful of key saves to keep DC off the board. DC had all the possession in the second half, but just couldn't get it together consistently in the final third.

Big segment on SportsCenter tonight of course, although I wish they would get their terminology right. It's not that difficult, do your homework guys. Super League? Euro League? C'mon...

Then the guy bitches while showing the goal highlight about it being an American game being broadcast in Spanish, while his little partner chuckles in the background. Pony up for the rights to the SuperLiga ESPN, don't complain afterwards. Do you have a problem showing a competition where the teams are from Mexico?

Why don't other sports, that are less popular and draw less interest, get ridiculed like this? I guess it's just okay at this point because some of these clowns have been doing it for so long. They can keep it up while we ignore their broadcasts because we're down at the El Rey del Taco drinking cervezas.

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