July 5, 2007

Fireworks at the RE/MAX

They were pretty nice, although I heard a few people complain that the display was a little short. I thought it was fine, although the soundtrack could've been improved. Our amigos de Mexico had some good laughs at our patriotic music...

Oh yeah, you probably want to hear about the game, my bad.

That luck that everybody was complaining about during the losing spell has turned a bit in the Silverbacks' favor. Antoniuk's first goal was an excellent piece of individual work by him on the turn and effort to stick with the play. The next two Atlanta goals were kind of sloppy, if you ask me. I thought Charleston had a better defense than they showed last night. From where we were, it looked like Rodrigo's goal was an own goal. Hayes' goal was the result of one of his trademark swashbuckling run, even if the finish wasn't the best. It looked like both he and the keeper missed on the first attempt, and Hayes stuck with the ball to touch it home.

While the Battery defense was dreadful, they looked more dangerous attacking. The Alavanja goal was possibly the best goal I've ever seen at the RE/MAX, an incredible free kick from about 30 yards out that left McIntosh with absolutely no chance. I'm sure I'm not the only one with the nightmare thoughts after King scored in the 90th minute to cut the lead to one.

The sending off at the beginning of the second half made things pretty difficult for Charleston, and a little easier for Atlanta. I don't remember the first yellow at the end of the first half, but the second was deserved as it looked like he caught McManus with an elbow in the head.

Speaking of McManus, getting him back in the middle of the field has been a huge factor in the improved results of the team. I'm not a fan of Lancaster on the right, I actually think he's a little better when he's filled in in the middle, but I'd rather have him out there if it gets McManus in the middle of the field. I'd like to think Justin Moore could handle being right back on a consistent basis, but maybe not. Liendo might be another possibility, the guy certainly has the experience.

I with they could've used a little more of the bench in this one, with the fixture congestion starting to pile up. Even with the two goal lead though, things never looked completely settled. Hassim and Rios did need the subs as they were gassed at the end, Ukah was also laboring a bit late in the second half.

Short rest as Vancouver comes to town on Saturday. The Whitecaps, FC Dallas on Monday, Monterrey on Thursday, and then Rochester looking for revenge on the 14th is quite the stretch. Let's see how it turns out.

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