July 4, 2007

4th of July Sprinkles - Wynalda is back, Derby County coach smokes crack

- I'm guessing that most other people missed this, but I saw it last night on USLsoccer.com. It's true, Eric Wynalda is returning to the field, suiting up for the Bakersfield Brigade of the PDL. He'll suit up Saturday night when they host the Los Angeles Storm. Do I detect a PDL match for our buddies over at Sideline Views? The only reason I can see Wynalda suiting up is that he'd like to play himself back into the NT pool so he can get back his goal-scoring title outright from Landycakes. But I'd love to see him give himself the Game Ball on Thursday's MLS broadcast.

- In a neat story from yesterday, Derby County coach Colin Miller said he thinks North America is the last untapped fountain to find talent around the world. It'll be interesting to see who he targets to bring over. He even mentions the possibility of Vancouver and Montreal making the jump from the USL First Division to MLS. But what gets me is another quote in the story. "Frank Yallop is doing very well with LA Galaxy." SAY WHAT? Not even well, but VERY WELL? I know you used to be an assistant to Yallop when he was the Canadian NT coach, but dude, lay off the crack pipe!

- Speaking of the Galaxy, it looks like they're trying to match Toronto FC for the most roster moves ever made in a season. Yesterday they sent the under-performing Nate Jaqua to Houston for Kelly Gray and a second-round pick in next year's SuperDraft. I just can't figure this out. I know Jaqua isn't scoring (one goal in 10 matches this season,) but now who's going to? Gavin Glinton? You've got to figure that the Galaxy's not done making moves, they're going to need someone pretty soon.

- Before yesterday's 6-1 thrashing of Poland by the USA U-20s, Ives Galarcep over on his blog mentioned that following his goal in the 1-1 draw against South Korea, the European options were opening again for Danny Szetela. Remember, he chose MLS over Everton, but I think that with his lack of success with the Crew, he'll jump at an offer from Europe this time. I was a little skeptical about this report after the one goal, but now I'm convinced after watching him score two more last night.

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Nathan said...

Re: Galaxy moves. This one makes sense, unlike the one that sent Sturgis and Findley to RSL.

Jaqua isn't cutting it and Gray offers much needed defensive cover. Don't forget Carlos Pavon is now on the roster and will play today, as is Edson Buddle (but I'm not impressed with that choice). Alan Gordon comes back from a foot injury and has the potential for a great second half, if he can recover his form from the end of last year. I don't think this move is all that inscrutible.

What I don't get is why the Dynamo picked up Jaqua.