July 9, 2007

Dallas-Atlanta, end of regulation

The fort was busted for a minute when Carlos Ruiz dropped some fish tacos down the center of the defense. It was amazing to see people run away from Ruiz turning and running at the defense.

Just when you think it's over, Hayes sends in a free kick that goes in off of Antoniuk or a Dallas player. It was hard to tell.

Then, Antoniuk gets a stupid red card for kicking somebody in the face after a tangle. The bunker was built even higher, and it held. McIntosh has been a beast in goal with tons of huge saves.


E. Charles Blanco said...

They need to sub Liendo for Moore and Rivillo for Rios.

L.B. said...

So no roadie for the Cupcakes crew?

If you guys hold on, there won't be a need for a quarterfinal road trip.