July 9, 2007

FC Dallas-Atlanta halftime thoughts

Well, it's scoreless at the half. Speaking of halves, the game has been played almost exclusively in the Silverbacks' defensive one. Atlanta is giving up most of the possession, only challenging the Hoops once they're 30-40 yards from Atlanta's goal.

Rios sent Hassim through in the first few minutes, only for Sala to make the save. McManus had a left footed volley go a few feet over off a corner, and Sala cut off a Rios cross at the end of the half. That's about it.

That said, it's not like Dallas has been getting a ton of shots either. McIntosh saved very well from an Alvarez blast from 20 yards. Dallas has been passing around the Atlanta box at will, but the bunker has been working.

We'll see in the second half...

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