July 9, 2007


That hurts. I feel bad for the guys who busted their asses out there tonight. That's one of those losses that you can build around, or it's one of those losses that can crush you. I'm hoping for the former.

McIntosh was an absolute wall in goal tonight. All of the FC Dallas players went to shake his hand after the game, the only time I remember seeing that was after the US-Brazil game in the 1998 Gold Cup. Romario said that was the best game he had seen a goalkeeper play. This was in the same ballpark.

Now isn't the time to bitch and moan about tactics, although there were some questionable decisions. I really wish the Backs had went for the last corner, Bobo and Lancaster came up for it initially, but then were sent back. It was going to be the last kick of the game, why not go for it?

There's always questions after a game like that.

Celebrate the effort of the boys in white tonight, it was an epic one. It's just a shame that it wasn't enough.


L.B. said...

I just wonder, if Atlanta went in with the intentions of taking it to PKs, why then did they not actually practice them? And if they did, what the hell happened?

Too bad. Would've been nice to have started this round with an upset.

Longshoe said...

Here in the Cupcake Nation, we are constantly baffled by some of the decisions made off the field.

It never looks good when the guy you subbed on specifically for a PK doesn't even put it on goal.

As it was getting closer to PK's, we were wondering who would take them. Rios and Hayes were obvious, and we guessed that the two late subs would also take them. Justin Moore we already had down for a miss. There weren't a whole lot of other options after that.

I wouldn't mind the bunker ball if we had actually tried to break out and counter. We had one true counterattack. Only one, at the very end of the first half...