June 12, 2007

US Open Cup First Round predictions

Tonight's the night with a plethora of games on the slate, and with kickoffs ranging from 5:15 pm ET to 11:00 pm ET.

We're less than 10 minutes away from Danbury United (USASA) hosting the Western Mass Pioneers (USL-2), so here's my picks.

Note: The match between Lynch's Irish Pub (USASA) and the Charlotte Eagles (USL-2) has been moved back to Wednesday night due to flight problems for the Jacksonville, FL side. Looks like they got caught up in the pub and missed their flight. Needless to say, I'll throw that prediction on at the end.

Western Mass Pioneers (USL-2) 2, Danbury United (USASA) 0
Richmond Kickers (USL-2) 3, Michigan Bucks (PDL) 1
Harrisburg City Islanders (USL-2) 1, Aegean Hawks (USASA) 1 - Aegean Hawks advance on PKs
Crystal Palace Baltimore (USL-2) 1, Ocean City Barons (PDL) 0
Carolina RailHawks (USL-1) 1, RWB Adria (USASA) 0
Central Florida Kraze (PDL) 2, Charleston Battery (USL-1) 0
Rochester Raging Rhinos (USL-1) 3, Long Island Rough Riders (PDL) 0
Dallas Azzurri (USASA) 2, Atlanta Silverbacks (USL-1) 1
Minnesota Thunder (USL-1) 2, El Paso Indios (USASA) 1
Kansas City Brass (PDL) 1, Cleveland City Stars (USL-2) 0
Cincinnati Kings (USL-2) 1, Bavarian SC (USASA) 0
El Paso Patriots (PDL) 2, Miami FC (USL-1) 0
California Victory (USL-1) 1, BYU Cougars (PDL) 1 - California advances on PKs
Portland Timbers (USL-1) 2, Bakersfield Brigade (PDL) 1
Seattle Sounders (USL-1) 4, Banat Arsenal (USASA) 0
Charlotte Eagles (USL-2) 2, Lynch's Irish Pub (USASA) 0

I know, a lot of upsets in there, but I'm sticking to my guns. I'm off to get some food and beer before I sit in front of the computer and TV all night watching these games and the Gold Cup. As you can tell, I'm a major ladies man.


Anonymous said...

What you are is a little wimp.

Anonymous said...

Ladies man? I thought you were more of a man's man, if you know what I mean.

Longshoe said...

Maturity isn't your strong suit, is it?

Big words from anonymous here...