June 11, 2007

US Open Cup update with live webcasts (Silverbacks not included, unsurprisingly)

As I alluded to a few weeks ago, I wanted to see USL Live step up and broadcast some of the US Open Cup games, especially those in the early rounds.

Well, it's been revealed tonight that 3 of tomorrow night's games will be broadcast.

Here's the schedule:

Central Florida Kraze (PDL) at Charleston Battery (USL-1) – 7:30 pm ET
RWB Adria (USASA) at Carolina RailHawks (USL-1) – 7:30 pm ET
Long Island Rough Riders (PDL) at Rochester Rhinos (USL-1) – 7:35 pm ET

That kind of makes sense. When I mentioned it to Shoe earlier, he figured that it wouldn't be too difficult to broadcast the games at the home fields of the USL First Division clubs because they'd already have the equipment in place.

In addition, the El Paso Patriots (PDL) will webcast their game against Miami FC (USL First Division) and the Ocean City Barons (PDL) will have an audiocast of their game against Crystal Palace Baltimore (USL Second Division).

So why am I still complaining? Well, here are the USL First Division clubs who are hosting matches tomorrow night that won't be made available.

El Paso Indios USA (USASA Region IV) at Minnesota Thunder (USL-1) - 8:05 pm ET
Banat Arsenal (USASA Region IV) at Seattle Sounders (USL-1) - 11:00 pm ET
Azzurri (USASA Region III) at Atlanta Silverbacks (USL-1) - 7:55 pm ET

(I made sure to bold the one I really wanted you to see.)

I can forgive Seattle, because they're not playing at Qwest Field, but at the Starfire Sports Complex.

But Minnesota and Atlanta? Shame on you. You know, I wouldn't expect more from the Silverbacks. Hell, on their schedule (which they finally updated, less than 24 hours before the game), it appears that the game isn't even at home.

I'd love to hear their excuses on why they won't splurge for someone to man the broadcast booth and cameras. I'm just sick of it. Just another example of everything coming from an organization that can't even grasp what it means to be first-class.

Update: The three aforementioned games will be shown for free tomorrow. So for those of you who didn't buy the package, it's your lucky day. Props to USL Live for doing this. Let's hope it continues throughout the tournament.


Anonymous said...

I called the Silverbacks a few weeks ago about tickets for the US Open Cup and I never got a call back. Their ability to under impress me, continues to amaze me.

El Güero said...

It's just that nobody in the organization gives two hoots about the Open Cup unless they're playing an MLS team, and usually only if it's at home.

When I say the organization, this goes from players to coaches to administration.

Look at the Des Moines debacle and the loss to Wilmington last year.

Yet when Kansas City comes to town, it's touted as "The biggest game of the year." Yeah, that made sense, that's pretty much saying, "OK, we're not going to advance past this game and we're not going to even get close to the USL-1 (then A-League) title."