June 2, 2007

Toronto-Colorado second half ruminations

Clavijo shakes things up, sending in Gargan and Peterson to start the second half. Kirovski is off, and I'm not sure what the other sub is.

It took a couple of minutes, but they finally get things sorted out. Cooke and Kirovski are off, Gargan and Peterson are on. Mastroeni is pushing into midfield and Ihemelu is moving to the center of the defense. Thanks Mitch Peacock!

It looks like the heat is taking its toll at this point as the pace has slowed way down...

I really like Maurice Edu, he's very smooth on the ball. Plays simple, doesn't really make mistakes.

Toronto brings in the youngster Gabe Gala at left back. He's 17 and a part of the Canadian U20 squad.

Condoul makes another huge save, this time on Ronnie O'Brien. Great backheel flick by Dichio to send O'Brien through. Colorado just isn't putting much together to get a point out of this one.

I think it should be in the Laws of the Game that when you go "incandescent" with rage, you should automatically get a card.

This second half is more than a little boring. This game needs some life. As I type that, Kevin Goldthwaite gets a RED CARD. I have no idea what happened. All you can see is that Goldthwaite was in the face of a Colorado player, then the camera changed. Even Herculez seemed confused by the red card.

Mo immediately pulls Dichio and brings on a defender. Cunningham got his 925th offside of the day, just stupid on his part. He's too fast to need that extra step.

Colorado brings on Omar Cummings, a speedster, up front. I think they should've used Cancela instead, they need someone creative behind the front line to break down the packed Toronto defense.

Wow, Mike Petke had a chance with his left foot in the box, but he puts it over the bar. That's it, Toronto pulls off an impressive win.

I'm really disappointed in Colorado today, they just looked dead from the opening whistle. You can't take a day off in this league, there's just too much parity.


David said...

I wish I had seen this match, it sounded pretty good. What amazes me is that there are still a lot of teams who go into games unprepared. This sounds like last weeks Dallas v. Chivas game. But I will have to hand it to TFC, they are starting produce. I can't wait to see them when they are at full power.

So how was the U-20 guy, is he any good?

Longshoe said...

Fun first half, the second half was pretty bland until the red card.

TFC is starting to look really dangerous at home. They're not the best team skill-wise, but they are difficult to play due to their workrate.

The U20 guy didn't really stand out either way, Colorado started playing very direct in the second half and stopped using the wings. Gala wasn't really that involved for TFC at that point out wide.

David said...

Well it will take some time for TFC to really become a good team. They have made some pretty good trades which has helped to bolster their team. Their bad luck is being in the East, which seems to be quite strong this season.

As for Gala, well I guess it will take some time for him to acclimate to the pros, but it would be pretty cool to see a young Canadian player succeed.

Time shall tell what TFC does, but I really do hope they succeed. The more success they have, the more it will give the MLS a chance to spread into Canada and give a chance for the league to grow.