June 2, 2007

Saturday Night Soccer, numero dos

Zinho is in for Miami, they want to get back in this game. The old man just can't play two back to back games with travel included.

Kasey Keller subs in for the US. Cue the old man pic again...

Atlanta is looking much better early in the second half. The ball movement has definitely improved and they're looking to switch fields.

Julie Foudy and Waldo talk about the interplay and switching amongst the US forwards and midfielders. Good points by both.

Hayes stuffs Luchi in the box, and gets caught with a forearm shiver to the face for his trouble.

Eddie Johnson scores to tie the game for the Wiz. So Angel and Johnson score goals and Mathis gets a red card? That's the most predictable game ever. Let me guess, there's hardly any fans in the stadium, right?

Deuce breaks through, but it's barely saved by the Chinese keeper. I was waiting to see if he was going to "Party Like a Rockstar" or "Pop, Lock, and Drop It".

Charlie Davis is subbed in for the US for Ante Razov. It will be fun to see him for the first time.

Great ball by O'Brien through to Hayes, who narrowly misses. I like that Atlanta is trying to take the game to Miami now. These guys have to be getting tired. Quintero makes a nice save to preserve the lead on a counter.

I spoke too soon. Zinho sends a sweet cross in to the penalty spot and a Miami player cuts across and touches it home. Atlanta got too slack in their marking in their own half. Atlanta 1, Miami 1

New England and RSL tie, another surprise. Jason Kreis does not believe in wins and losses, only ties. Eddie Johnson has scored again to put the Wiz ahead of the Mutts.

Atlanta brings on Hassim for Rivillo and they drop Rios into midfield. Hassim's speed could be tough to deal with at this point of the match.

Deuce gets saved again on a break, but finally gets his goal with a header off a corner. He was wide open in front of the goal, pretty sad marking. The team mobs him so he doesn't get to serve anyone. Feilhaber gets the assist on the corner.

Hassim almost scores on a ridiculous overhead flick. Great attempt, but no dice. Still tied in the 80th minute at the RE/MAX.

The US scores again! Gooch with the header off a DMB free kick. China can't defend set pieces. 4-1 USA.

Jesse Marsch gets his second cap for the US. It's Marsch and the Kids as the subs for the US today. Kamani Hill, Frankie Simek, and Lee Nguyen are both in the game now. Stoner touts Marsch as a potential coach when he hangs up his boots.

Since their goal, Miami has owned the game. They're constantly going forward and looking for the win. Atlanta brings on Queeley for Justin Moore. I guess Moore is out of gas, he hasn't done much all night.

Queeley hits one of the worst attempted crosses I've ever seen, squibbing the ball over the line to give Miami a goal kick. It was Khano Smith-esque.

Wow, Miami just scored in the last minute of stoppage time to win it. #11 had a clean shot from about 20 yards out, uncontested. Wow, just wow...

Miami scored their first against the run of play, Atlanta played their best soccer from the second half whistle to the goal. After Miami's first goal, they completely owned the game. They sure didn't look like they played a game last night, flew into Atlanta afterwards, lost their luggage, checked into the hotel late, and got their uniforms at 5 this afternoon. You just can't lose games like this one and be among the top teams in the league. There's lots of work to do here.

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