June 2, 2007

Los Angeles-DC United, pregame

As I wash the taste of that crappy Silverbacks loss out of my mouth with Sunkist (I'm addicting to Sunkist these days), let me catch up on everything else going on tonight. The US ended up with a 4-1 win over China. Mexico ended up winning 4-0 over Iran. In MLS action, the Wiz outscored New York 3-2 with Eddie Johnson getting another hat-trick. I will go ahead and say it, the GAM is BACK.

Kinky is playing the MLS All-Star Game in Colorado!!! Props to MLS!

I agree with the FSC guys, LA v. DC does have a big match feel to it. It always has. I guess it started with the first MLS Cup in '96. I will never forget screaming my head off and scaring my new roommate in the dorms at UGA as DC came back in that game. I was a United fan from the minute they were allocated John Harkes, but that first MLS Cup sealed the deal.

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