June 2, 2007

LA-DC, 1st half

Holy crap, LA decided to start the 6'3" Nate Jaqua at forward instead of playing him as a winger. I've never understood playing these giant guys on the wing. Yes, I'm looking at you Coach Morrow.

Donovan nearly scores in the second minute. That guy just lights up whenever he plays against DC. I don't get it, DC doesn't have any Mexicans on the roster.

They have the Riot Squad mic'ed up very well, they sound great.

Cobi with a great cross to Jaqua and he puts it over the bar from six yards out. Maybe that's why he doesn't play forward... I apologize Coach Yallop. That made Alan Gordon look good.

Donovan nearly gets away on a break, but Perkins slides out to cut him off. The Gals are really looking good so far.

Yallop has moved the Cabana Boy out to left back tonight, we'll see how this works out.

Cobi absolutely schooled Erpen on the outside, but the cross is blocked by Clyde Simms. Namoff is having some serious problems on the left side of defense with Donovan and Cobi running at him.

Sturgis gets forward, but heads it right at Perkins. This is the best I've seen LA look all season.

They switched Namoff over to the right side to try to keep him from impaling himself on the corner flag. Simms has also slid up into the midfield, sitting in front of the back three/four. The slash in this set-up is Gros, he's playing the left side pretty much by himself. Max Bretos just said the same thing, I think he's hacked into my computer...

The formation switch looks to have settled things down for DC. Good moves by Coach Soehn. I'm liking him more and more.

DC hasn't really started putting things together just yet, but they're disrupting most everything LA is trying to do. Emilio just had a nice shot that Cannon turned into a bit of an adventure, but nothing comes of it.

Jaqua can't win a header over Erpen?!? That guy is a waste of a 6'3" frame.

Good point by Sullivan that Gomez isn't touching the ball enough. I can't tell if that's Gomez's fault or the rest of the team.

Gomez whiffs on a shot, ugh. Nice look by Moreno to find him.

Jaqua goes up strong for a cross with Perkins closing on him, but he heads it over the top. That would've been an impressive one, so I can talk too much trash.

Jaqua breaks away with a defender chasing and blasts the ball with his left foot into the stands. He's just trying too hard at this point.

Fred is saved well by Cannon after a pass through Cobi's legs. It looks like DC has went back to a 4-man backline. Gros is at left back and Fred has swapped over to left mid. Simms is playing a more traditional right mid now.

Jaqua gets a good cross in after beating Erpen. Namoff clears off the line before Landon can get to it. Nate might not be of the highest quality right now, but he sure is getting involved.

Clyde Simms with a blast from about thirty yards out is tipped over by Cannon. The ref gives the goal kick though. It was just barely high.

Gomez with a nice free kick, but Cannon was in the right position for an easy save.

Cobi dummies a low cross, but Capitan America (according to FSE) puts the ball into the stands.
No goals, but a pretty entertaining half of soccer. See y'all in a bit...

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