June 2, 2007

LA-DC, 2nd half

Taylor Twellman is in every cheesy halftime commercial on FSC. The Kick-Medic is "Taylor made" to improve your skills. Then, in a PSA, he asks me what I believe in. Well Taylor, I believe in the fact that you shouldn't be doing commercial. You come off like a smarmy jerk. I'm sure Waldo loves them though.

Fred has the smallest shin guards I've ever seen.

Good ball over the top to Moreno, but his shot is blocked out to the sideline. DC is starting to create more chances here in the second half.

Robbie Findley comes on for the Gals, pushing Jaqua back into a wide midfield slot. Poor Nate...

Emilio with a great header, although it's right at Cannon. A cross from Gomez is deflected out for another corner. Christian looks tired, I don't know how much more he has left. It might be time for SUPERSUB GUY ROLAND-KPENE.

Cannon cuts off a header back across by Gomez. DC is finding space behind the LA backs with diagonal balls.

Awesome cross by Moreno from the right, but Fred absolutely blows the wide open header. He misses at the far post. That has to put on goal. I don't think his underwear is enhancing his performance tonight.

Donovan sends Findley through, but Erpen shields him off for Perkins to clear. LA shows some life, but they get caught offside. Cobi pitches a hissy fit about it.

DC is starting to look for the flick-ons on corners. Erpen flicks it through to Fred, but he's pressured into a bad header over the top.

Ian Russell just pulls up lame on a run down the right side. It looked like his hamstring of calf just went on him. They're hoping it's just a cramp, but that didn't look good at all. Yallop doesn't waste any time and he pulls him out for Randolph. Cabana Boy slides over to the right side.

Vagenas with a great pass to Donovan. Perkins and Namoff cut him off, so Landon lays it back to Cobi. Namoff gets back in front of the goal to block Cobi's shot. Perkins punches the corner wide.

Kpene comes in for Emilio. I thought it was a good performance by Emilio overall, he just didn't really get any quality chances.

LA has another player go down, this time it's Tyrone Marshall. It looks like a cramp in his calf. Yallop might have to suit up soon.

Kpene has a great second gear. He accelerates so quickly. He earns another corner for DC with a burst of speed.

DC decides to go for the win, they bring on Kasali Casal for Ben Olsen. Speed v. an inexperienced backline for the Gals, good moves by Soehn.

Jaqua with a quick throw in, he releases Findley down the wing. Robbie cuts it across to Landon, but a sliding Namoff blocks the shot. Perkins gets on the loose ball, and catches a boot from Donovan for good measure. The United defense is not very happy with LandyCakes.

LA is just grabbing, kicking, and pushing people at this point. Fred is grabbed while he tries to break. Gomez kicks the free kick into Cobi's face. That'll learn ya...

Kpene is caught offside, he broke just a little early for Moreno. DC has changed to a bit more direct style, but keeping the ball on the ground and attacking with speed.

Perkins almost makes a mess of a cross, but he recovers. The announcers on FSE bring up his gaffe in the CONCACAF match with Chivas. Jerks.

Now Fred grabs his hamstring, is it contagious in this place? Of course Fred gets booed for going down, not like LA hasn't had this happen to TWO different guys tonight. Dyachenko makes his 2007 debut in injury time for Fred.

Cobi's limping now too. The Gals are crippled at this point.

That's it, we end scoreless. The FSE announcers agreed that it was a very good game, it just lacked a goal. I agree. I thought DC was the slightly better team, but they didn't do enough to win. Entertaining match to watch though...

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