June 3, 2007

I'm giving up on them. For now.

I can't take anymore. I'm a loyal season ticket holder, but I'm not getting good results on my investment. It's the same story, year in and year out. I thought that this year would be different, but I guess I was just too hopeful.

As of today, I'm not going to any more Silverbacks games. I'll amend that, I'll go to the US Open Cup game, but only because I can't watch it on USL Live.

It's a tough decision, one that will upset some, but as you can tell, I'm not happy. Sitting in the stands last night, I watched an unwatchable game. There was no sense of urgency, no creativity, and certainly no coaching going on. I see more coaching at our rec league games than at the Silverback games.

This is by far the best team that the Silverbacks have ever had, yet I never had any belief or hope last night that they would beat a clearly inferior team. Not even after they went up a goal.

I'm not giving up on the season completely. It's early June. But it feels like I've thrown my money away already. I'll keep watching the games on USL Live, because I don't want to have wasted all my money.

So what do I think needs to be done? For starters, Jason Smith needs to go. What has this team done in the almost 2 years since he's had the job? They haven't gotten the most out of their abilities and have criminally underperformed. The team needs to bring in a coach with PROFESSIONAL experience, not a coach who hasn't even led a Division I NCAA school. I want a coach who isn't afraid to adjust in the middle of a game, one who I won't see just sitting on the bench when his team is playing terrible.

I guess you can say I'm tired of this team settling for mediocrity. I'm sick of seeing the owners spend money on good players and a new stadium while not striving to win a championship or even compete a high level.

I want to believe, but it's pretty hard at this point. So anyone who wants my ticket, it's yours.

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