June 28, 2007

MLS Thursday night preview

DC-Colorado, 7:00 ET (ESPN2)
Odd match tonight, with the US Copa America debut later in the evening. United will definitely be looked to rebound from their loss to previously unable to win RSL. Bos and Benny are in Venezuela with the Gringos, Moreno is with Bolivia (and looked pretty good in game #1), and Namoff looks to be out with an injury. Herculez and Becks USA are out for the Rapids (so is Conor Casey due to injury, but that might be a good thing).

The Rapids won last time these two teams played, winning the first MLS match at the Big Dick. Things are very different now though. United, with the exception of last week, has been playing quite well lately and the Rapids have been in a bit of funk. Even though Colorado has lost four in a row, they've been the bogey team for DCU over the last couple of years.
DC 2, Colorado 2

And for a bonus Gringo prediction, I don't think it will be as bad as everyone is thinking. That said, I think Los Gringos Locos will fight hard for 60-75 minutes, but falter in the end. Argentina 2, USA 0

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