June 28, 2007

Oh really, Bruce? Really?

Bruce Arena decided that since the Red Bulls have been struggling a little bit lately, it was time for him to open his mouth and get some attention. From the artist who brought you "He's a Superfan" and "Jean Tigana is a jerk", now it's time for "That's a Team that I Built".

You just couldn't let Bob Bradley has his moment in the sun, could you Bruce? I thoroughly disagree with those who say that this team plays the same way it always did. I think Bob has changed things up, without a radical overhaul, for the better.

You built this team, Bruce. Really, Bruce? I don't remember Benny Feilhaber in your teams. I don't remember Bornstein or DeMerit, Simek or Parkhurst. I think you might know Ricardo Clark's name, but you sure didn't play him much, same with Spector and Mapp. You gave Michael Bradley some time in camp last summer to fill out the numbers, but that's all. Brad Guzan also falls into that category. So, ten guys out of 23 barely did anything for you, but you built this team?

To continue your quote, "When I stepped in eight years ago, there was a lot I had to deal with. But its good they've been able to continue to move forward." I'm sure it was hard to move forward without Il Brucio, but I think the team is coping well. Hey, they actually figured out how to play a 4-5-1 formation and not look like they were praying for a 0-0 draw. You could've used that in the "must win" game against Ghana, right Bruce?

Bruce, just get it through your head that this team has nothing to do with you anymore. You did a great job in the 2002 World Cup. You had other impressive moments. Don't spit on your legacy any further with stupid comments like this. Didn't 2006 do enough to tarnish your reputation? You went from all these offers in Europe to the Swamp.

Bob Bradley and his staff did a great job in the Gold Cup. I'm sure he would say that he learned a great deal from you over the years, and he has in many interviews. However Bruce, this is BOB's team now, not yours. Why don't you focus on your own team in New York and let Bob do his job?


Braden said...

Yeah, but you have to love the DRAMA!

And Bruce is right, our Copa roster borders on embarrassing and it has to be the result of poor planning.

Great job catching these comments, I hadn't seen them elsewhere.

Longshoe said...

No problem, the bakery is always looking for new crumbs...

I can't argue too much with him on the Copa roster, but I do think the trip will be worthwhile. Bradley had to pick a tournament to go for the win, and he rightly chose the Gold Cup. It's our continent's championship, and now we'll be in the Confederations Cup. We're in Copa America as a guest, and it just had to take a lower priority.

I think Bob is using this tournament as a chance to see who can step up and be a part of the group that qualifies us for SA 2010. I'd have to think it's an audition for guys like Twellman (last chance perhaps), Beckerman, Gomez, Gaven, Wynne, etc.

In regards to Bruce's comments on the Gold Cup, he's just a bitter old man.

POPS94 said...

I was able to catch the second half tonight and there was some tired guys out there and some guys that looked a little frightened but I think it was an amazing experience for them.

The one odd thing with all the youth out there was to Casey in the goal taking his swings.

POPS94 said...

You can slam Bruce for his US Team comments but he is a damn good Coach/GM for Da Bulls (I think Agoos might just be along for the ride). An amazing turn around from perennial crap on the pitch. Unfortunately his PR skills might be lacking and that is the biggest need for his current club right now.

Longshoe said...

I'll comment on both here...

I think the jury is out on Bruce with the Red Bulls. He has an organization willing to fund 2 designated player slots, which must be nice. Angel was a great signing, Dane Richards was a great draft pick. Picking up Mathis looks like it could be a nice move. Let's see the end results before we give Il Brucio too much credit, I think he has more to woork with that most others in MLS.

I can't say I was too disappointed with the Gringos tonight. I think Keller started this one, the toughest one of the group by far, due to his experience. I'd assume Guzan will get one, if not both, of the remaining group games.

Wynne looked like he was in over his head. Mapp looked dangerous. Twellman looked like he wasn't good enough for this level. Gaven showed he can't play on the outside. Conrad and DeMerit actually looked alright in the middle to me.

My only issue with Bradley was the midfield set-up in this game. Once Argentina brough on Aimar for Cambiasso, it was clear they were going to attack Wynne and the American right side. He didn't have a true right mid in there at that point, Olsen was covering it but didn't have the speed to really play the position. Gaven was the wrong sub to make, as evidenced by Messi toasting him on the 2nd goal.

All in all, all I can say is "whatever". I think this game was expected to be a loss. Let's perform in the next two and get out of this group. That will be an accomplishment.