June 29, 2007

MLS Weekend Preview

Dallas-Houston, 6:00 ET (FSC)
The Battle of Texas gets underway with an early kickoff in the Big Oven. What's up with that? Anyway... Dallas has won three of their last four, while Houston is firing on all cylinders with five wins in a row. Chingy and DDR are also back to bolster the Orange Crush, which could make the lineup sheet interesting.
Dallas 1, Houston 2

Columbus-New York, 8:00 (DK)
The last time I saw these teams play I think I saw the one of the most unlucky games a team could have. The score ended up 4-0 for the Bulls, but I thought the play was even for the most part. The Crew just couldn't get anything to go their way. Columbus will be missing their talented U20 players, and Eddie Gaven's in Venezuela still trying to find Messi. New York will only be missing Jozy this week for sure. Sorry to say Crew fans, but I think that's going to be too much to overcome.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Santino Quaranta, who's been an utter disappointment in LA, has been traded to New York and should join the team in Columbus. The last time he looked decent was in his brief national team stint in the 2005 Gold Cup, maybe Il Brucio can bring that back out of him. Eh, probably not...
Columbus 0, New York 1

Chivas USA-New England, 10:30 (DK)
The Goats have been hard hit by Copa America, and were spanked in their last match in Houston. The Revs have only won one of their last four, but it was a big win over Toronto. Galindo's speed could cause problems for the Revs defenders, they're not blessed with a whole lot quickness. The problem will be finding someone to get him the ball.
Chivas 1, New England 1

Chicago-Colorado, 7:00 (DK)
There's rumors floating around that Fernando Clavijo needs to win this game to keep his job. Chicago has already made their coaching change. I can't say I'm expecting a whole lot out of this one, especially with some of the guys on these teams' rosters that are currently in Venezuela. Ugh...
Chicago 0, Colorado 0

Kansas City-Toronto, 8:00 (DK)
The Reds will be looking to rebound for a thumping in New England last weekend. KC is also looking for a rebound, they've lost their last two games. Toronto has their senior Canadians back in the squad, but the U20's are now gone. Wynne, Conrad, and Eddie Johnson are also M.I.A. for this one.
Kansas City 1, Toronto 1

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