June 6, 2007

Canadians rejoice, then gasp

Currently 2nd half in Miami and Toronto.

Julian de Guzman is a man among boys. After a great scoreless first half, Centeno has a great strike to put the Ticos ahead, but de Guzman answers a minute later. Then in the driving rain, de Guzman dribbles across the top of the box and gently drifts one past the Costa Rica keeper. Superb finish. DDR and Friend are also having great games for the 'Nucks.

But up in Toronto, Juan Pablo Angel rains on the Canadians' parade, as two goals in three minutes puts New York ahead 2-1. Take that, Eddie Johnson.

Edit: Canada holds on to pick up a big 3 points in the rain. With Guadaloupe and Haiti up next, it looks good for the only country besides Mexico and the US to win a Gold Cup to advance. And up in the Great White North, the Toros Rojos hang on for a 2-1 win. ANGEL TO COPA AMERICA NOW!

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Longshoe said...

Hell of a game, really fun to watch (especially with some micheladas). Canada did everything they had to do to get a win. Medford was pretty crappy with his decisions for Costa Rica, bringing in a 2-way midfielder in the 80th minute instead of another forward? Straight swaps at d-mid and left mid? I was having bad Silverbacks flashbacks.

de Guzman is a serious baller. He had a wide open pass to DDR on the winning goal, but said, "Nah, I think I'll take care of this myself." Big balls on that guy, huge.

Canada is sitting pretty now after a draw between Guadaloupe and Haiti, I thought Haiti would be more impressive. They've been playing well.