June 7, 2007

Sprinkles: I had nothing to do with it

I can assure you that I had nothing to do with taking cupcakes to Paris Hilton. She could stand to eat one or six, but I wouldn't want to get contaminated with any diseases by getting too close.

And now, onto the sprinkles...

New York: Juan Pablo Angel is unstoppable. And Claudio Reyna actually played, it's shocking isn't it? The Bulls won in Toronto last night 2-1 on two goals from JPA. Jonny Pants made a nice save late to preserve the win.

Los Angeles: Rumors are swirling that Luis Figo will be joining the gang in LA. I keep waiting for them to sign the reanimated corpse of Ferenc Puskas, or at least lure Diego Maradona to the Home Depot Center with some Hot Pockets.

DC: Jaime Moreno is on the preliminary 25-man roster for Bolivia in the Copa America. I'll be interested to see who else from United makes that trip, I could envision one of the fringe US players going (Boswell, Carroll).

Dallas: The Atletico Paranaense link might be paying off soon for the Hoops. Depending on the condition of Roberto Mina, Dallas could bring in 19-year old Brazilian forward Ricardinho from AP.

ESPN: Waldo just couldn't help himself. In an interview about the Dynamo and Brian Ching, Waldo just had to bring up his boy. "That was the only reason why Brian Ching was there. And if not Ching Taylor Twellman, but either way, the last 15 minutes against Italy was the only reason he was there." Nice save there, Taylor might've gotten jealous.

The Deuce (not Clint) will start tonight's MLS broadcast a little late due to a simulcast across the ESPN networks of the tipoff of the NBA Finals. Cue the whining and bitching in three, two....

Miami: Our friends at Miami FC have some problems with their match on Saturday night. The Gold Cup is in town at the Orange Bowl, and should have a huge crowd for the Costa Rica-Haiti match. So, how do you compete if you're Miami FC? You have a blood drive outside the stadium, complete with free tickets to donors. Then, you give away free beer inside the stadium. That's a brilliant combination.

Just don't let Paris show up...

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