June 6, 2007

MLS Midweek Predictions

Toronto-New York, 7:00 ET (DK)
The Reds are coming in off of a surprising win, the Bulls are coming in off a somewhat surprising loss. What gives tonight? Toronto will be missing some key pieces to international duty. I'm sure Marvell Wynne will be pumped to show up Bruce Arena, who traded him earlier this year. Wynne has been very, very good for Toronto since the trade. The crowd should be great, although I can't behind the league preview calling them "lusty". New York should have Claudio Reyna, although the game will be played on turf, so who knows? He might curl up in a ball during the pregame warm-up and cry. The Red Bulls' defense had big problems with Eddie Johnson last week, can Jeff Cunningham do the same thing tonight?
Toronto 2, New York 2

Houston-Colorado, 9:00 ET (ESPN2)
Hooray, ESPN Prime Time Soccer is BACK! Oh, how I've missed my good friend Waldo. It's just a shame I probably won't be watching this because the US is playing in the Gold Cup AT THE SAME TIME!!! Who are the scheduling wizards who came up with this one?!?

Anyway, this is a rematch of last year's Western Conference final. While Colorado was looking like a team capable of those heights until their loss in Toronto last week, Houston hasn't looked like that type of team since they visited Pachuca in early April. Without DDR, I'm not expecting them to get it together anytime soon.
Colorado 1, Houston 0

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